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How to lose weight scientifically
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" Weight loss is a reduction in weight ", " lose weight is to eat less ." ...... Society for weight loss there are many misconceptions , a reference to lose weight, using the most direct example of this is how much weight loss how long , etc., this is to some extent misleading to the audience . Scientific understanding of how to lose weight , how to lose weight scientifically implemented , which is what most dieters should calm face and seriously think about .

The ultimate goal is to lose weight to reduce excess body fat , Yemade.com while ensuring a healthy body has . But how can we do it ?

■ different types of obesity , weight loss should be treated differently

No obvious cause of obesity is called to follow simple obesity, obesity accounted for the vast majority of obese people . In this regard, diet therapy and exercise therapy is the main treatment method, the effect is not satisfactory under the guidance of a doctor who can , a short selection of appetite suppressants or enhance the metabolism of drugs. Repeated use of the conservative treatment but the effect is not obvious severe obesity , you can also consider local liposuction , or other surgical therapies such as jejunal ileal bypass surgery , a small stomach surgery.

Some people have a clear cause of obesity , such as hypothyroidism , pituitary tumors , etc., this is called secondary obesity, obesity, obesity accounts for only a very small part . For this type of obesity is mainly due to treatment response , supplemented by diet and exercise therapy.

■ Weight loss is not equal to weight reduction

Obesity is excessive accumulation of body fat as a result of an increase in weight , but the weight increase is not necessarily obese . For example, some people go through scientific and systematic exercise their respective sports muscle weight gain , which is the muscle increase, obviously this is not obese ; Still others due to edema and other causes weight gain , this is not obese.

Recognizing these very easy to understand the real weight loss is through the scientific method to lose excess body fat , in order to maintain a healthy body . And simple weight loss may be consumed during exercise the body of water , so that the body or control drinking water caused no significant reduction in body fat , there is no so-called benefits of weight loss and weight will quickly replenish moisture recovery.

Some systems through long-term exercise to lose weight , fat and muscle increases gradually reduced . Weight loss can be such a person is not obvious, but the weight loss is real . Therefore, evaluation of weight loss can only reduce the amount of body fat based on an objective , not necessarily linked with weight .

■ respect for science , not for the quick

The right way to lose weight is built on the basis of the ongoing process , to respect for science, based on the expertise of the system , it is best to get professional physicians, nurses, specialists and nutritionists kinematics guidance , not rely on emotional or seek temporary Yong . Dieters lose weight should do both , without compromising health.

Currently, there are some so-called "quick weight loss program " and some take the form of excessive movement within a short time , and this is generally difficult to maintain a large amount of exercise , weight will stop the rapid recovery after exercise ; some through a short time a large amount of exercise deplete the body of excess water , coupled with control of drinking water , significantly reduced body weight , which is injurious to health at the expense of profit-oriented behavior ; also guidance improper diet , leading to weight loss malnutrition, starvation or semi- starvation day state the work, absent-minded, life listless.

The correct way should be: general dieters should limit fat and carbohydrate food intake , due to increase intake of green leafy vegetables , so that total calorie intake is lower than consumption ; formulate a reasonable physical labor and physical exercise intensity , and to ensure the implementation ; make weight loss a month controlled at 0.5 to 1.0 kg , gradually approaching the ideal weight. Special populations may resort to professionals to take some special measures, such as drugs , local liposuction and surgical treatment.

■ According to their own circumstances, to determine a reasonable target

Obesity and age differences , gender differences, there are other factors such as physical fitness , weight loss process should be individualized and capabilities, according to individual characteristics to establish a reasonable diet and exercise prescription and strictly implemented , regular inspection target completion and timely reasonable adjustments. Children and young people should be careful not to affect the body weight due to grow and develop in young people should pay attention to lose weight while also maintaining energetic and make physical enhancement , weight loss should not affect the implementation of the elderly appetite , sleep and zest for life.
       Losing weight is a complicated systematic project , it must adopt comprehensive measures . No matter which method is used alone , both have advantages and disadvantages . Only the various methods together, learn from each other , multi-pronged approach in order to be safe , and fast.
1 , Science Diet
Weight loss diet is undoubtedly sufficient foundation, but here that the lack of a simple diet and dieting , but pay attention to nutritional balance , based on the control calorie intake.

Simple diet , fat though is consumed, but the muscle is consumed also mourn , fat is less, may muscles " die " was. The decrease in muscle , for organ function may be adversely affected. Moreover , dieting process, if not pay attention to a reasonable intake of nutrients , easily lead to malnutrition , decreased immunity , some girls may cause irregular menstruation, amenorrhea.

Diet Nutritionists recommend : if they do not know a balanced intake of nutrients , you must consult a professional doctor or nutritionist. Especially young obese, in a critical period of growth and development of the body of nutrients have special needs, if blindly diet while ignoring the developmental needs of the body , but the trade-off may lead to lifelong regret.
Second, regular exercise movement to weight loss, aerobic exercise and a sensible exercise equipment , both to burn off fat, but also enhance the muscle 's sense. If you can afford to go to the gym , under the guidance of professional coaches sculpture their bodies . The value of continuous aerobic exercise is to maintain the weight loss diet . After successful weight loss , diet and exercise habits must become a part of life in order to maintain a good body , if the random interruption, easy to gain weight again .
Three , living habits
In fact , the reason why obese obesity , often by their lifestyle decision. If we can teach them the proper way of life and movement concepts, will make them last a lifetime . We see a lot of clinical obesity , using a wide variety of weight loss methods , indeed in the short term to achieve a certain effect , but because old habits die hard and soon rebound, weight loss down the drain. Weight loss nutritionist believes that to instill good diet obese concept is very important .

Now with so many weight loss mechanism , in order to cater to obese anxious state of mind , a simple evaluation of the effect of the weight value as the sole indicator of the pursuit of short-term effects of using some of the methods, results after weight loss , resulting in weight loss weight quickly in the short term rebound . It turned out that the methods they use mostly minus the body of water , there is no excessive fat within the body to lose , after training , weight rebound obvious that nature is inevitable it.
How to lose weight in the process to ensure the safety and health, weight loss nutritionist that science diet, regular exercise and bad habits are the only healthy and effective way to lose weight . Doctors and nutritionists to lose weight by the weight loss based on individual body constitution formulated diet programs to dietary modification, exercise instruction and correction of bad habits weight loss program developed as the center , and in the weight loss process, full guidance and monitoring , Fang is a healthy and effective weight loss methods .


source: http://hvfdvc.wp-site.ru/2013/11/14/how-to-lose-weight-scientifically/

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