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Weight loss diet: lose 16 pounds for 21 days
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Kategorie: Babys - Kinder & Erziehung | Erstellt am: 09.09.2013 - 10:58:37

What kind of weight loss is the most effective and most thorough, losing weight is not a single over and over again, and it would have to combine with a variety of measures, make you receive a surprising effect. Don’t be discouraged to give up, adjust the mentality, the following synchronization repeated in several ways, the effect would be so fast.

First to lose weight: ”honey and white vinegar” lose 5 pounds in 21 days (the best is select the Sophora japonica or medlar honey)

Honey and white vinegar in a 1:3 ratio and mix thoroughly, then daily 20 minutes before meals, and drink immediately after lunch and dinner, white vinegar is a quality white vinegar do not add chemical products as much as possible.

Honey has excellent germicidal efficacy and detoxifying effect.

It would be more effectively to put under the accumulation of waste out of the body, burning of excess body fat that is not good to consume and accumulate in the body into energy.

Second to lose weight: ”Slim pot of herbal tea, weight loss herbal tea” 21 day lose 8 pounds

Herbal tea ingredient contain the natural rose, lotus leaves, cassia, lemon, jasmine, apocynum and marigolds, green tea, black grain, red snow, sweet-scented osmanthus tea and so on to reconcile science mixes.

Function: lipid-lowering, detoxification, to oil, diuretic, laxative, pure heart and eyesight

The pure nature weight loss result and whitening and moisturizing the skin, make you unconsciously lost 8 pounds, 40 minutes to drink after meal.

Third to loss weight: ”Red wine” 21 day lose 3 pounds

Red wine contain the Tannins can inhibit bacterial growth, it would be more effectively aid in digestion, increased heart and lung functions, it also contain Vitamins C, E and beta carotene. Also have antioxidant, can prevent aging and maintaining the body’s normal metabolism, so that figure is not bloated shape progressively with advancing years. Drink a glass before going to bed every day, allowing you to easily lose 3 pounds.

Fourth to loss weight: ”cucumber” and ”tomato”

Cucumbers are heat, thirst, diuresis, reducing swelling effect. Cucumber meat is crisp and tender, fresh fluid to quench their thirst, and cucumber water is divided into 98%;

Rich in protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B2, vitamin c, vitamin e, beta-carotene, calcium and other nutrients.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, dietary fiber and pectin content can reduce calorie intake, improving bowel movement.

Unique to the acid stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, can use them for dinner in the evening, nutrition and are not involved in the calories, is a very good choice.

In addition, try to keep eating bland, less snacks and fattening food, instead of cucumbers and tomatoes when want to eat, trying to hold on for 21 days you will receive an unexpected amazing results.

Perhaps the above methods you still feel not enough to meet, you want to try something quick way to lose weight, but it is worth noting that many weight-loss method also brings a lot of side effects, it also is harm to body healthy when loss weight. Accordingly, in these circumstances, should be aware of the following weight-loss principles.

1. Weight-loss should not be achieved at the cost of health;

2.Proper the food intake and do exercise;

3. Weight-loss key in the context of the belly;

4. Weight should be persistent;

5. Do not be anxious


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